How to develop a Successful eCommerce Brand

From our offices in Bangkok, Thailand, we assess the role of branding in
the expanding e-commerce market.

In an age where instant access and gratification are becoming the norm - particularly in Thailand which has one of the highest mobile phone usages in the world - e-commerce is completely transforming consumer behavior, as everything from food to clothing, electronic equipment to lifestyle products becomes available at the end of a few computer keystrokes. Where once skepticism and suspicion reigned, now e-commerce is seen as reliable, trustworthy and secure, and a bright future beckons for the industry.

DATE 22 January 2020
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The immense opportunity that e-commerce offers, though, breeds competition. New entrants are launched, seemingly daily, all fighting to get an online presence in an increasingly saturated marketplace. In such an environment, real success requires a sound, innovative, and consistent brand strategy to differentiate your business from the competition. 

So what are the steps needed to build a strong e-commerce brand in Thailand?

Define your target market

Determine, first, the type of person you want to attract to your brand. Start with the demographics – age, sex, social class, location, their jobs – but also go deeper, by defining their aspirations, their concerns and challenges. 

Define your business

Key questions that need answering before developing your brand are:  

  • What is your company’s mission?
  • What are the features and benefits of your products?
  • What do people already think about your business?
  • What qualities do you want people to associate with your brand?

Develop a brand message

A brand is a whole lot more than its logo or visual identity. Your brand message, your promise to your customers, is a fundamentally important part of your brand and needs to resonate with the target market. It will then drive both your marketing communications and the visual aspects of your brand.

Design visuals to match the message

Logo, website, brochures, advertising materials, social media graphics, even packaging design all need to mirror your message – fonts, colors, illustrations need to gel perfectly. 

Be consistent

A successful brand is a memorable one, and the key to this is consistency in visual identity and communication. Brand logo and associated visuals content should be built into everything – stationery, packaging, print materials, website, and social media. This will also allow you to increase the perceived value of your

Know your Brand’s Positioning 

To stand out in the busy marketplace that e-commerce has become, positioning is vital, and it is essential to understand how your business is different from others in the same industry, in terms of uniqueness, product quality, and price.

Listen to Your Customers

An e-commerce business is reliant on its customers, and meeting their expectations, repeatedly, will ultimately generate the brand loyalty needed for success. Feedback from existing customers to ensure the brand message is on target, and the use of existing customer testimonials to encourage new consumers are essential tools. Knowing your customer’s likes and dislikes allow you to serve them better, and customer service is inextricably linked to your brand image.  

Exploit All Available Channels

With the considerable advances in technology we have witnessed over the past few years, an e-commerce business must maximize its presence on all social, web-based, and mobile platforms. Potential customers are themselves increasingly reliant on mobile devices, and social media for their knowledge acquisition and product purchases, and your competitors recognize this. “Social and mobile” need to be at the heart of any e-commerce marketing communications strategy.


Building a brand in the world of e-commerce is, without a doubt, challenging but, if successful, incredibly rewarding. Asia Media, conveniently located in downtown Bangkok, Thailand, has worked with several companies such as Bangkok Tea, in the e-commerce sector and is a highly experienced and adept agency.

If you need Digital and Web services, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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