Brochure Printing - Is it worth it?

In this day and age of digital marketing it is easy to forget the role of “old- fashioned” printed brochures. The e-brochure can be produced quickly, it costs less and advocates would say it fulfills its role as well, if not better, than a printed version. There are, though, a number of important benefits that the printed brochure offers…

DATE 12 February 2020
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– A hard copy is something tangible, and through its design and format can get across the brand’s personality. Holding it, turning pages, feeling the quality of the paper, all create a bond between the brand and the reader that is impossible to replicate on-line.

– A printed item will linger, perhaps sat on the desk of the receiver, an ongoing reminder.

– Greater professionalism can be demonstrated at exhibitions and shows when brochures are part of the presentation armory, and, if seen to be a well designed, high quality item, they are often taken away and studied more thoughtfully at a later, more leisurely time.

As designers of both printed and on-line material, we see the benefits of both, and believe the most effective strategy is to create both versions to maximize the promotional opportunity.

One issue that does get raised again and again though, as alluded to in the opening paragraph, is that of cost. And we know, at first hand, the expense associated with producing a physical brochure – even if, here in Bangkok, Thailand, it is significantly less than in more developed counties. A small print run, in particular, may seem to make the prospect uneconomic. You can see the other advantages to outsource in Bangkok here. 

In the production of a brochure, decisions need to be made…

1. Determine the method of printing
Digital printing is the quickest and cheapest way of producing short runs, but does tend to suffer in terms of quality and price on longer runs.
Offset printing uses traditional printing plates and wet ink that is applied indirectly via a roller from the printing plate to paper. This delivers the highest quality from a high speed, continuous process. The downsides of offset printing are the not inexpensive cost of printing plate creation and the relatively long set up time. It is though the cheapest option for high quality, long print runs.

2. Choose your paper weight
A quality brochure, together with the desire for a reasonably long shelf life,
means using a “heavy” paper weight, which, of course, comes with a cost premium. For example we would typically use 160 gsm (grams per square meter) for inner pages and 270 gsm for brochure covers. In contrast, photocopier paper is around 80 gsm, and standard letterhead stationery 100-120 gsm.

3. Choose your paper supplier
Here in Thailand, and especially in Bangkok, there are a number of reliable and competitive suppliers for standard art board paper. However, for a high quality “touch and feel” we find it is often necessary to work with companies that import premium paper such as Taccota, a paper that combines a high gloss with a natural touch, which we like to believe brings out the best in a graphic design.

4. Page Numbers
An obvious point, no doubt, but it should not be forgotten that the bigger the brochure – the greater the number of pages – the higher the associated cost.

5. Binding
Assuming the brochures consist of several pages, they will require some form of binding. Both stitching and stapling are effective, but, of course, both add cost to the process.

Bringing all this together indicates there is obviously a significant cost associated with printing brochures when compared with an e-version. However, whilst the information provided in the two types of brochure may be identical, the purpose and role of each can vary markedly. Consider the benefits of a printed brochure – tactility, long shelf-life potential, the brand building opportunity, supporting a professional trade show – and, perhaps, you will be able to see it can be money extremely well spent. Good brochure are obvious, such as Niyama brochure.

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