Website: Your tireless employee

Did you know that in 2016, 80% of companies that didn’t have a website ended up going bankrupt. What is the importance of the website in economic activity? How could a tool that didn't exist even a few years ago, became so indispensable in the development of a business? It is essential to understand these issues in this new age where everything is digital.

DATE 27 November 2018
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The Websites

In 2020, does everyone really know what a website is?

Block 3“It is a set of web pages related to each other and accessible through a web address via the global Internet network.”
To simplify it is an interface can be seen by the world, if it works well.

There are different types of websites, that have functions different from each other and are present to achieve different goals depending on your business.

Here are some examples of the type of website:
– E-commerce: Site that aims to sell products and services with online payment management. Nevertheless, E-commerce websites require great branding to stand out.

– Showcase: Site that aims to provide information about the company and its values, to communicate and to prospect.
– Institutional: Government sites or other institutions (NGOs)

In order to set up your website, you must know the objectives of your business. To sell? Communicate? Prospect? Inform?

Indispensable tool in this new digital era

Today, if someone is looking for information the first thing they do is go to Google. Inevitably, consumers check the credibility of a company on the search engines. It is essential for your company to be present. Indeed, it will be an opportunity for you to be visible to your consumers and potential consumer, especially if you have a good Search Engine Optimization. This is a way for you to gain their trust and well shows that you exist in front of the competition.

In this digital age, having a website is not a luxury but the minimum vital.


You can see below some examples of website designs we created for our clients, such as Euredite or Lub d.

Its place in the company: target, touch, sell!

Well mastered, it can be a real asset to your business, it is the super tireless employee who works 24 hours per day for you. It prospects, it sells, it retains all by itself!
It must not be neglected, it must be updated – that is why website maintenance is so important – the content must be worked and the referencing must be reflected.

To conclude, it is essential to develop a responsive and design site, it must be easy to use for your customers. Your content should be tailored to the target, nothing should be left to chance. Think about the questions your customers/prospects may have or the difficulties they may encounter. It is a service that you offer and in which you will invest. Once set up, it can be a real marketing tool and a key branding element. While it is a heavy work that will take time and patience but can pay!

Asia Media Studio has built responsive and design websites for many companies in order to develop their business. If you would like to have some examples or inspirations:

– Lub D
– PIA Interior
– Mahanakorn Partners
– S&J International
– Intega Healthcare

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