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A Gourmet

Sector: Retail
A Gourmet

A chain of upscale supermarkets located throughout Vietnam, A Gourmet is a purveyor of excellent groceries at affordable prices. The supermarket features a wide range of fresh produce, organic products, vegetarian options and pantry items. A Gourmet specializes in importing products from other countries such as Europe, the United States of America, and Australia. When shopping at A Gourmet, expect high quality fish and fresh seafood as well as imported beef and steaks.

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Brand Strategy

Asia Media Studio collaborated closely with A Gourmet to create the supermarket’s new branding. The collaboration included brand strategy, naming and logo development in the initial phases. Afterwards, we also developed the design for their print communication and packaging.


We also assisted A Gourmet with design for some key areas inside their supermarket including the cashier, shelf descriptions and wine section. All internal communication for A Gourmet was also designed by Asia Media Studio.


Once the initial brand strategy was developed and put in place and various design projects were implanted and completed, we developed an overall brand guideline for A Gourmet which features all of the branding elements as well as packaging and all print communication.


Naming & Branding development

Asia Media Studio worked closely together with A Gourmet to choose appropriate naming for products in the supermarket. We have also collaborated to overhaul the A Gourmet logo and give it a more appealing, contemporary design. We decided to update to a seal for the logo as the design gives the logo a premium and modern look with a very classy yet cool design.

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Lavanille appointed us to upgrade their branding, packaging and website to bring a chic and vibrant new look. Since then, we are also taking care of their social media as well as other creative projects.

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