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Lub D

Sector: Hotels
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With, currently, 8 hostels all located in the heart of buzzing South East Asian destinations, Lub d is a passionate and fast-expanding operator that is bringing new exciting dimensions to the hotel market. Appealing to the young traveler, Lub d has created a, fun and adventurous image that is perfectly captured in the colorful, cheerful and bright website that we designed and developed for the company.


More than 1 million guests


Different destinations across Asia


Beds in total

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Lub d

User Experience at Work

The early design stages involved huge input from our UX design team, as we set out a planning and research process to determine what users wanted to see and how we could go about ensuring we would create positive experiences for them. Our aim was to ensure site visitors felt comfortable with navigation and their interest held through the colorful, cheerful, bright look and feel. Atypically, the website was designed first for mobile, then adapted for desktop, due to the young target audience.

Funky, Fun, Fearless

The final design took us into almost unknown territory, a bold, animated presentation that jumps off the screen. With targeted and highly visual sliders using brush effects on many of the images and descriptors, and powerful content, this unique website differentiates and endorses the Lub d brand in a forthright and positive way.

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