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Your brand is your company’s identity. Branding is what determines who your business is and how you’ll be perceived by the rest of the world. Needless to say it is essential to know what your story is and how to get people to engage with it before putting it out for everyone to see! That is where we come in.

We are a creative branding agency based in Bangkok since 2007, with an in-depth knowledge of many market sectors including hospitality, F&B, travel, healthcare and more.

From startups to established companies that already have clear brand positioning, our Bangkok agency deliver branding expertise and graphic design that has a real wow-factor.

We can help you revolutionize your brand with something agile, strategic, memorable that is designed to thrive in this world’s competitive marketplace.

Branding process

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We listen to you, to your brand, to what makes your audience tick. We take a look at the global trends and we consider what branding has worked or not worked for your competitors in the past. We see this as a partnership and therefore use also what you have tried before because it all matters towards building a stronger, more resilient brand.

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Consumers study

Once we have a clear view of the role you want for your brand and the direction we could take it in view of what your consumers respond best to, only then will we start to create a new vision for your brand.


Brand Strategy

We determine, with you, your key business goals, as the brand strategy we create is designed to help fulfil these goals. Driven by global market experience as well as a range of research and analytical tools we generate a wealth of branding ideas to create a smarter brand strategy that leads to better outcomes.



Name Development

Once we’ve got the initial concepts of your brand down we can generate a name. Be it one word or several, this name will be the first thing people encounter so it needs to create impact. It needs to be something infectiously catchy, a tactical communication that grabs their attention and never lets it go.


Brand Identity

We explore the competitive landscape. Then, we work with you on the personality and message you want the brand to communicate, as any successful company needs to create a consistent and positive perception, rather than trying to combine every conceivable positive trait.


Logo Design & Visual Identity

We deploy our graphic design approach, which combines strategic branding and creativity into a multifaceted visual brand identity. Using strategic visual cues we create a logo defined with depth and meaning that follows what your brand strategy dictates.



Stationery design

Business cards and stationery are essential artillery for companies to form a wider identity and to break the ice with new customers. We want to make sure that your stationery says all the right things and make an instantaneous first good impression.



To conclude, we provide you with brand guidelines, which are the building blocks of a thriving and successful brand. They ensure your branding consistency, and guarantee that an idea doesn’t sacrifice a whole brand’s image but rather keeps a brand ‘on-brand’.

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Questions about Branding

Originally, a brand was purely a physical mark on a product, but nowadays it is much more than just a name or logo design on a company’s letterhead. The book, BrandSimple defines it as: “A brand is what your product or service stands for in people’s minds”.

Branding is simply the process of helping people formulate a set of mental associations about a product or company. Branding is an ongoing effort to conduct business in a way that goes beyond advertising or marketing communications to develop a better “brand”. Ultimately, branding is really about doing the “right thing”!

Brand equity consists of a number of facets including the relative equity of its products and services, financial performance, customer loyalty, satisfaction, and esteem a valuation based on the totality of its perceptions.

Our agency in Bangkok recognizes that branding is not a one size fits all experience and, whilst we have a clearly defined, proven process designed to uncover the brand’s uniqueness, we ensure that your own aims, aspirations and specific needs are fully understood.

Generally, it will depend on at what stage of the brand’s development we come in at, as each brand is unique and may need different levels of branding and design in order to support and improve it. If, though, we are building a brand from scratch it is likely to take 4-6 months of work. Through your appointed Bangkok-based personal account executive, the agency will keep you informed through every step of the process.

Yes, the agency will require you pay 50% of the agreed fees before we start working on your branding project.

As an international branding agency, we are used to working with clients overseas and “at arm’s length”. Emails, video calls, and electronic data transfer makes it so easy nowadays, and we have never encountered problems with this issue.
With 10 years behind us, we offer a great deal of experience working with both B2B and B2C clients in many different industries – food and beverage, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, hotels and tourism, legal and accounting professions, cosmetics, domestic appliances…the list is endless. And our clients range from small start-ups through to international corporations, so we are sure that can work with just about anyone!

At Asia Media in Bangkok, we understand that aspirations are inevitably constrained by budgets. A small budget, though does not mean that “branding isn’t for you”, and certain elements can be carried out relatively cheaply. For example, deciding on your values and your goals need not cost anything and staff training to ensure employees understand your brand values and business goals is far from expensive. You will, though, need to budget for brand naming, the development of a strapline that succinctly conveys your message, a logo and business stationery. Product promotion – website, advertising, promotional materials – is also desirable, but here some elements can be spread over time. Given a clearly defined branding strategy, you can succeed on a limited budget, it just might take a little longer.

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