Capture hearts and minds with creative intelligence through the expertise of a graphic design agency in Bangkok

Focusing on high impact and guided by strategic insight, our graphic design agency in Bangkok gives your brand the strength and power it needs to get noticed in today’s competitive marketplace through both advertising and poster design campaigns.

Whether you are looking for a small box advert, direct marketing, a national out-of-home poster campaign, or more, our poster designers can design and supply posters and advertising that stop passers-by in their tracks and deliver the right message.

Our poster design agency in Bangkok stays ahead of the curve, promising to master and share the latest innovations based on present and future trend developments. Thanks our design work, we wille make you gain the attention you need to stand out and be noticed.

Key considerations for your Ad & poster design project

Precision in audience messaging

In our ad design journey, our poster design agency in Bangkok delves into audience specifics, unraveling preferences to curate precisely tailored content. Crafting concise, impactful messages swiftly communicates the ad’s purpose and value proposition, fostering genuine connections that resonate authentically.

Strong visual & brand consistency

Our poster design agency in Bangkok focuses on captivating visual elements—graphics, imagery, and layout—to harmonize with and elevate your brand. Consistency is key—we ensure the ad aligns seamlessly with your brand’s identity, maintaining uniformity in fonts, colors, and overall aesthetics for an impactful and unified brand representation.

Audience engagement

In our ad journey, our poster designers infuse a persuasive call to action (CTA) prompting action—making purchases, exploring websites, or contacting us. This strategic element fuels engagement, guiding audiences toward meaningful interactions and conversions, symbolizing our dedication to forging valuable connections.

A Showcase of Advertising & Poster Success Stories

Niyama Logo

Impactful collaboration with Niyama hotel

For an extensive period, AMS — a Bangkok-based poster design agency has fostered a robust partnership with Niyama hotel, nestled in the Maldives. Our ongoing collaboration involves catering to their multifaceted design requirements—branding, print, brochures, packaging, social media, and more—on a monthly basis.

Integral to this relationship, we consistently craft vibrant and creative poster designs promoting the hotel’s diverse events and activities. Our approach emphasizes clear, concise content fused with compelling visuals, aligning seamlessly with the hotel’s brand guidelines.

This continuous effort showcases our dedication to delivering impactful designs while upholding Niyama’s distinct identity across all promotional materials.

Niyama Ads
Niyama Ads
Villeroy Logo

Villeroy & Boch's 275th anniversary key visuals

In our enduring partnership with Villeroy & Boch, our poster design agency in Bangkok ventured into creating unique key visuals for their momentous 275th anniversary. Commencing with three initial concepts, we meticulously refined them to finalize an approved design.

This pivotal visual stands as the linchpin across print materials, booth designs, and digital marketing. Our dedication to this milestone graphic underscores our commitment to Villeroy & Boch’s legacy, ensuring its widespread presence.

Each design, adhering to their brand standards and approved by the German headquarters, embodies our dedication to quality and consistency in our collaborative journey.

Villeroy Ads
Villeroy Ads

Minor's Southeast Asian ventures amplified in compelling ads

Continuing our partnership with Minor Hotels and Minor Real Estate, we’ve crafted an array of advertisement poster designs for their Southeast Asian ventures. Each design undergoes rigorous conceptualization, refined iteratively based on client feedback.

Adhering meticulously to their international brand guidelines, these designs emphasize a sleek layout paired with captivating visuals. The primary goal is to showcase the properties at their best and deliver a crystal-clear message.

By focusing on simplicity, these designs strive to merge eye-catching visuals with concise messaging, ensuring maximum impact in presenting the properties’ unique appeal.

Minor Ads
Minor Ads
If you are looking for a poster design agency in Bangkok to create outstanding advertising & posters...

Advertising & Poster Design Process

Icon Understrading



Our poster designers team attempt to uncover all relevant information we need – your visions & objectives, your customer’s habits the market & the competition – through desk research and through meetings with you, online or in our poster design agency in Bangkok.

AMS ICON 2 Creation



Then, our poster designers collect from you all the content we need – logo, text and any visuals you want to display. If you need, we can organize photo shooting or image purchases, and retouching to create the main key visual for your advertisements & posters design.

Icon Creation 1



Our poster designer’s team creates different advertising & posters design concepts. We take into consideration every element that could impact the impression your ads give at first look, including the fonts, images, and the layout.



When the different concepts are ready, we present them to you to let you choose the one you prefer. Then we take your feedback on board and revise the design for your preferred route, until you are completely satisfied with the design.



Once the advertisement & poster designs have been completed to your expectations, we will provide you with all artworks in various formats including Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop and PDF. Ownership of the artwork is yours.

Question about advertising & poster

Our advertising design work covers the full gambit of print media both traditional (magazines, newspapers, outdoor, direct mail) and digital (social media, banner ads, e-newsletters).

We can produce posters in a variety of materials in sizes up to A0 and beyond in length.

The most popular poster sizes are A2 (594mm x 420mm), A3 (420mm x 297mm) and A4 (297mm x 210mm). The choice and weight is largely your decision, but we will make recommendations based on where and how you will be deploying your posters.

Many of our clients, both local and International, ask us to manage the print production process on their behalf, for a number of good reasons:

– we have developed a deep and extensive knowledge of the print process, and keep ourselves up-to-date with all the latest developments in the industry

– our designs are created to take advantage of new skills and technology

– we have worked with a number of printers in Bangkok and we know which one is best for each individual project

– printers in Bangkok benefit from relatively low labor and overhead costs and so offer extremely competitive prices

– AMS provides the highest level of quality control, providing appropriate art work to the printer, assiduously checking proofs, monitoring the production run and arranging timely and accurate shipping to the client’s delivery address, whether in Thailand or overseas.

All print artwork for print is supplied in high res vector format (.PDF or .EPS) which ensures that quality does not suffer when the work is enlarged or reduced. We can also supply files in JPEG for online web and social media purposes.

The agency is proud to include numerous hotels, resorts and restaurants in its client portfolio, and over the years we have designed countless menus, from simple single pages to glossy, upmarket productions. We would be very happy to talk to you about your menu design.

We usually submit 3 designs at the initial presentation. As it is always our intention to try to fully understand your business, market, goals and aspirations, we are confident that at least one will meet with your approval. However, if in the event you’re not happy with our initial submissions, we will continue to provide revisions until you are completely satisfied.

Yes, our poster designers can help organize photo shoots or image purchases and retouching to create key visuals for advertisements and posters.

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