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Undeniably one of the hardest things to get right is finding the appropriate name for your brand – some might say it is as difficult as naming a child! A brand deserves a title that will set it apart from the competition and that fits the core values and objectives of the business.

Company brand names carry a lot of weight. Picking the wrong one can send misleading messages or incite negative emotions in your target audience which then would steer them away from your business. It is the first step in grasping people’s attention so we’ve built a process that will help you create an attention-grabbing name, one that people will remember and rely on.

Whether you are naming or renaming your brand, you can trust our skilled team of branding consultants in Bangkok to work with you.



If you are looking for the right branding agency to find great brand naming for your audience...

Brand naming references


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We will assess your competitors and their brand names, your brand’s practical and emotional requirements, and we will look for industry trends in order to come up with names that will spark interest, impact and, ultimately, adoration in your target audience.



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We make sure nothing slips through the cracks, from efficient name generation to legal searches, trademarking, name registration, URL, cultural screening and stakeholder mapping.






We take care of all the details so you end up with a brand name that will enable your brand to stand out from the competition.





Standing out

We are specialists in naming, with the singular aim of providing companies, brands and products with names everyone can be proud of. We create powerful, imaginative, memorable names designed to resonate with the consumer and stand out from the crowd.



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Brand new name

We have created names for start-ups in need of a brand name and well known established business that wants a name change, or have a new product in need of a title.



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The right answer

Our team encompasses marketeers, designers, strategists and, at the start of our branding process, may include just about anyone on the staff whose in the Bangkok office at the time. We are not precious, and we don’t mind who comes up with the right answer, as long as we all, and most importantly, the client, love it!



If you are looking for the right branding agency to find great brand naming for your audience...
Questions about brand naming

Brand naming is a very creative process, although we do try to follow a few sensible guidelines

– Avoid hard-to-spell names
– Don’t pick a name that could be limiting as your business grows.
– Conduct a thorough Internet search.
– Make sure we can obtain the .com domain name.
– Use a name that conveys some meaning.
– Conduct a trademark search to avoid potential legal problems down the line
– Assess if the name is catchy and is easily remembered

Essentially there are four types of brand name:

Descriptive Names, that communicates what the company or brand is (Paypal; Toys R Us)

Acronyms, an abbreviation of a descriptive name (IBM; UPS)

Invented Names, made-up words (Kodak; Xerox)

Experiential Names, that build upon the feeling or experience associated with the brand (Virgin; Oracle)

Usually, at the first stage, we will offer suggestions in all 4 categories, unless the brief has been more specific.



We go through a three-stage process. Firstly an internal brainstorm involving people from all areas of the business, which can generate literally hundreds of ideas. Secondly, we will work through these names, eliminating those that are used by, or very close to those used by, other companies, are not appropriate for the market, can’t be protected etc. Finally, we will come up with a short list of 10-15 names that we like and will present to the client. This process takes around 2 weeks.



If you aren’t happy with the selection our Bangkok agency has come up with, we will, of course, continue the process until the right name is found. Although we like to think that our experience and process works (and in practice, more often that not, it does) we are never satisfied until the client is in full agreement. 



One of our internal processes is to carry out a search for any names because we want to ensure we are not likely to infringe on other names. The degree to which you can protect your chosen name will depend upon the level of “inventiveness” that the name evokes – a descriptive name will be harder to trademark than an invented name.



Your name is the start point for your complete branding and marketing effort, which will almost certainly include a digital presence through a website. Therefore, at the short list presentation stage, every suggested name will include with it a proposed, obtainable, domain name. 



We require 50% of the fee once you have appointed us. Once this has been paid, we will start work immediately.



It certainly can be, and if you are overseas or in Thailand but some distance from Bangkok, it almost certainly will be. However our agency consultants will be happy to visit your offices, or you are welcome to visit us at our brand new office location just minutes from the Asok BTS and Sukh



Sometimes, and this has happened to us, it proves difficult to choose between 2 options. In such an instance, we would propose carrying out some initial logo and visual identity designs, as this often helps in the decision making process. Colors, fonts, supporting icons can often be the final deciding influence.



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