Connect with your Customers through Creative Packaging Design

From labels, boxes, coffee cups, bags, containers etc., our Bangkok packaging designers promise a unique packaging design that speaks to your customers’ hearts and minds

Packaging is about more than marketing your product or service – customers should be able to pick up on your values and your ethos. It is about who your brand is, not just what you are trying to sell.

Eye-catching packaging design. is essential in order to be remembered well in this ever-increasingly competitive market environment. Good packaging design should strategically answer all the right questions about your brand and what you are selling. It is a reflection of an engaging and leading brand.

Key considerations for your packaging design project

Brand identity packaging & messaging

Our packaging designers in Bangkok excel at crafting bespoke designs from inception. This involves comprehensive brainstorming, leading to diverse packaging design options post-approval. Aligning packaging with existing brand values is crucial, ensuring a clear communication of brand identity to the intended audience.

User experience

Our focus is crafting packaging that entices consumers and grabs attention on shelves. Balancing aesthetics and functionality, our packaging designs convey clear messages and vivid visuals, ensuring they’re visually striking yet informative, delivering a complete product experience.

Production & cost

We harmonize design creativity with practicality, ensuring feasibility within budget constraints. Our packaging design agency in Bangkok provides support, offering packaging prototypes and complete production solutions tailored to diverse packaging needs, depending on project requirements.

A Showcase of Packaging Design Success Stories

Lavanille Logo

Lavanille's ice cream rebrand & minimalist packaging design

Lavanille, renowned for its premium ice cream in Thailand, pursued a refined rebrand to amplify logo prominence. Seamlessly continuing this endeavor, we meticulously crafted a new packaging design marked by simplicity, cleanliness, and a sophisticated minimalist allure.

A pivotal aspect encompassed devising unique color codes for over 15 flavors, spanning both ice cream and sorbet variants. Ensuring production excellence, we closely monitored the packaging creation process, guaranteeing alignment with expectations.

Our packaging design agency in Bangkok, Thailand provided steadfast support throughout, guiding and assisting Lavanille every step of the way in this transformative project.

LaVanille Packaging
LaVanille Packaging
Wowza Logo

Wowza's packaging redefined with expert imagery

Operating from Qatar, Wowza is renowned for its zesty flavored corn snacks. Our packaging design agency in Bangkok, Thailand spearheaded a comprehensive rebrand, infusing their identity with vibrancy, modernity, and boldness.

The pivotal aspect encompassed developing primary packaging hosting four distinct flavors. A significant challenge lay in visualizing the chips infused with these flavors—a task deftly managed by our Bangkok packaging designers through meticulous photo shoots and expert retouching.

Our client’s satisfaction extends beyond this project to our collaboration on three additional brands, solidifying our reputation for consistently delivering exceptional design solutions.

Wowza Packaging
Wowza Packaging
Intega Logo

Intega Healthcare's progressive packaging journey

Intega Healthcare entrusted us with a transformative project aimed at enhancing their medical packaging. With precision and innovation, our packaging design agency in Bangkok, Thailand embarked on an intricate journey, redefining their packaging solutions.

Our Bangkok packaging designer team meticulously crafted a series of packaging designs, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal. Each design reflected Intega’s commitment to excellence, ensuring safety, and optimizing usability within the medical domain.

This collaborative endeavor represented a fusion of our packaging design expertise with Intega’s dedication to healthcare, resulting in a range of packaging solutions that safeguarded medical essentials while portraying professionalism and reliability.

Intega Packaging
Intega Packaging
If you are looking for the best packaging design agency in Bangkok to create exceptional packaging design for your prospects...

Packaging Design Process

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Our Bangkok packaging designers team meet with you to find out all about your aspirations & objectives, your brand, your market & the competition. This is supplemented with a thorough study of the marketplace through desk research to propose you the best packaging design.



Then, all the content we require for packaging design – logo, text and any visuals you would like to display on the packaging – is collected from you. If needed, we can also organize photo shooting and retouching to create the main key visuals for your packaging.

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Packaging Design Process

As soon as all the content is collected, our packaging designers in Bagkok start working on several different packaging design concepts, taking into consideration every element that could impact the impression your packaging design gives at first sight on the shelf.

AMS Portfolio Icon Brochure Design



When the different packaging design concepts are completed, we present them to you in order for you to select the one you like the most. Then designs can be revised on your preferred option until you are completely satisfied with the outcome.

AMS Portfolio Icon Packaging Design



Once completed to your expectations, our packaging designers will supply you with all packaging design artworks in several formats including 3D Mockups, Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop and PDF. Ownership of the artwork is yours and we hold no rights to it.


Packaging Printing

If you wish, we can either manage your packaging printing for you or recommend external packaging technologists that we have worked with. They can print and advise you on a range of packaging materials so that they are cost, transport, and retail efficient.

If you are looking for the best packaging design agency in Bangkok to create exceptional packaging design for your prospects...

They trust us

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Intega healthcare

“Asia Media has shown complete professionalism and meticulous attention to detail in our new packaging. We are delighted with the outcomes. We would recommend them if you are looking for a packaging design agency in Bangkok, Thailand.”


Marketing Communication Manager

Christophe Delodder - JDE Professional Business Unit manager

“We have been collaborating with AMS for over 10 years, notably on packaging design projects for Jacobs Douwe Egberts in Thailand. They go beyond the initial project briefing and create effective, impactful and esthetically packagings.”


JDE National Business Manager

Yord Somjit Picture by PAAP Studio

“Personal applaud to AMS’s team, who always has been more than excellent at giving advice. We are very proud of the stunning packaging designs they created for Bangkok Tea. “


CEO & Founder

Bo Nielsen from SJ

“We have collaborated with Asia Media on various projects since 2018, including packaging design. They are extremely capable, pleasant to work with and respond fast.”


Executive Vice President

“Asia Media understood fully all the packaging regulatory requirements for our industry as there are strict regulations in the various markets we are operating in. And they have created great packaging designs. “



Questions about Packaging design

For us, package design is a shared process with our clients. We start by researching your market, the competitive scenario, your brand’s positioning and personality so that we fully understand the requirements for your packaging design. From there we work on initial concepts that align with your objectives, before presenting mock ups for your consideration.

Our agency designers have create countless unique designs for all types of packaging items bottles, packets, bags, boxes, canisters, and more. We fully understand the print options and limits on all types of material, whether paper, card, glass, plastic or metal.

We will need all your packaging information before we start the design. This will include branding, product descriptors, product claims and, for a food or beverage product, list of ingredients, regulatory information, pack sizes etc.

This will vary depending on complexity. For example, you may want us to recommend packaging materials and formats as well as creating a design. Also, you may require a design across a range of varieties or flavors. However, for a pack design alone, we would aim to complete the project within 6-8 weeks.

At the initial presentation stage, we will provide 2 different design routes, perhaps with different palette options. If for any reason you are not happy with our suggestions, we will either rework the designs or, if necessary, go back to the drawing board. In either case, we will continue to work on the designs until you are completely satisfied.

We create unique packaging solutions, in terms of shapes, materials and designs to separate your product from the competition solutions that clearly communicate product benefits and that speak directly to consumers’ needs.

We know and sympathize! And we know how even more complicated it is when your packaging has to work in different countries, where varying criteria apply. We have a good working knowledge of labelling regulations, but recommend you consult with local Trading Standards and trade organizations for clarity and approval.

We certainly can in fact at our final presentation stage we present high quality mockups as we believe it is the only way for us all, client and agency, to be convinced that the design works. The mockups we produce are always of a high enough quality for photographic requirements.

Our packaging design agency in Bangkok emphasizes the importance of packaging in marketing a product or service. They ensure that the packaging design strategically answers all the right questions about the brand and what it is selling, reflecting an engaging and leading brand image.

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