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  • Packaging is about more than marketing your product or service – customers should be able to pick up on your values and your ethos. It is about who your brand is, not just what you are trying to sell, because products and services can be imitated, but brands can’t.
  • Eye-catching packaging is essential in order to be remembered well in this ever-increasingly competitive market environment. And these days it takes a lot more than just designing something colorful and attractive; good packaging design should strategically answer all the right questions about your brand and what you are selling.
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Packaging Design



We help ambitious clients achieve commercial success for their brands through strategic branding and captivating packaging design services. The retail environment is ruthless; what wins customers over is a strong brand that conveys the right messages and emotions to create a deep, long-lasting connection.

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Consumer's experience

Our work finds that middle ground where creative sparks meet functionality to optimize and elevate your consumer’s experience with your brand and packaging design.

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Evolve your brand to the next level by creating packaging that is impactful, and will work hard for you, no matter where your end-users come across it, be it on a supermarket shelf or a website thumbnail.



With over ten years experience, we have formed strong working relationships with external packaging technologists in Bangkok who can print and advise clients on the practicality of a range of packaging materials so that they are cost, transport, and retail efficient.

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Focus on Customers

From labels, boxes, coffee cups, bags, containers etc., our designers promise unique packaging design that speaks to your customers’ hearts and minds

If you are looking for graphic design services to create exceptional experiences for your audience...
Questions about Packaging design

For us, package design is a shared process with our clients. We start by researching your market, the competitive scenario, your brand’s positioning and personality so that we fully understand the requirements for your packaging design. From there we work on initial concepts that align with your objectives, before presenting mock ups for your consideration.

Our agency designers have create countless unique designs for all types of packaging items bottles, packets, bags, boxes, canisters, and more. We fully understand the print options and limits on all types of material, whether paper, card, glass, plastic or metal.

We will need all your packaging information before we start the design. This will include branding, product descriptors, product claims and, for a food or beverage product, list of ingredients, regulatory information, pack sizes etc.

This will vary depending on complexity. For example, you may want us to recommend packaging materials and formats as well as creating a design. Also, you may require a design across a range of varieties or flavors. However, for a pack design alone, we would aim to complete the project within 6-8 weeks.

At the initial presentation stage, we will provide 2 different design routes, perhaps with different palette options. If for any reason you are not happy with our suggestions, we will either rework the designs or, if necessary, go back to the drawing board. In either case, we will continue to work on the designs until you are completely satisfied.

We create unique packaging solutions, in terms of shapes, materials and designs to separate your product from the competition solutions that clearly communicate product benefits and that speak directly to consumers’ needs.

We know and sympathize! And we know how even more complicated it is when your packaging has to work in different countries, where varying criteria apply. We have a good working knowledge of labelling regulations, but recommend you consult with local Trading Standards and trade organizations for clarity and approval.

We certainly can in fact at our final presentation stage we present high quality mockups as we believe it is the only way for us all, client and agency, to be convinced that the design works. The mockups we produce are always of a high enough quality for photographic requirements.

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