Share your business expertise and increase your ROI

By publishing quality content related to your product or service, it will be easy for you to establish and strengthen your brand identity and authority in your industry. Your company will gradually appear as an expert in your preferred field and your prospects will naturally turn to your company to meet a need they feel.

In addition, content marketing actions are cost-efficient, since they cost 62% less than advertising and traditional marketing and generate nearly 3 times more leads according to Demand Metric.

This is why we highly recommend you to develop content marketing. To do so, we can help you to build an adapted strategy and greatly assist you in the creation of content through our digital marketing and design skills. And all along this collaborative project, we are committed to:

  • Show you transparency on the ongoing work through tools and reports.
  • Supporting you at any time with a dedicated manager for your project.
  • Reach the objectives we set together and obtain you great results.


Gain online visibility and organic traffic

Regularly sharing quality content optimized for Search Engines and Social Media that will improve significantly your referencing for specific keywords & hashtags, and therefore increase your brand awareness, your website organic traffic and the amount of recurring user.

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Get more qualitative and quantitative prospects

By publishing valuable content, you inform, help and educate your users, who will naturally be both more qualified and more inclined to join you rather than your competition on the day they need a service/product you provide.  

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Ensure a long-term growth for your business

Contrary to paid advertising, Content Marketing effects do not disappear with the investment, since your high-quality content will keep being referenced, and consequently still work for you by generating more leads over time.

Content Marketing Process

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We meet with you either in our office in Bangkok, Thailand or online, to ensure we fully understand your vision, your brand, your market and your expectations.


Inventory & Collecting

We will take a look at your website, your different media and the tools you are using to collect all the relevant data concerning your audience and customers. Mixing with your additional information, this will allow us to identify several buyer personas.

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Then, we are going to dig deep into your market through research about your user interest, your user habits and your competition. Consequently, we will be able to identify the market opportunities to be seized.


Strategy design

Once we have gathered all the information we need, we can define together the objectives. Then, we design a strategy of a certain duration to reach them by determining key performance indicators, selecting adapted media, targeting relevant content ideas, establishing editorial planning…

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Content production

As soon as the content marketing strategy is ready, we start working on the production of relevant content optimized for search engines and social networks. Your collaboration will be necessary in order to guarantee quality content.

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Content promotion

Although the content may not be fully ready, we start sharing it on your different media as soon as we are able to follow the editorial schedule to ensure publication consistency.


Measuring & Optimizing

While the content is published, we measure its performances, with notably the Key performance indicators, to adapt and optimize the content creation and the content promotion in order to get better results.

Content Marketing features & tools

Monthly Reports colorful icon by Asia Media Bangkok Thailand

Monthly Reports

We provide you with a monthly report to allow you to efficiently keep track of the achieved work. These reports showing all the relevant data and Key Performances Indicators will help you to easily analyze the performance of the Content Marketing strategy.

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SEMrush is a major marketing tool that specializes in keyword research, content idea suggestions and SEO optimization. We use its power in order to optimize the SEO of your content.

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Google Analytics

With Google Analytics tool, you can easily access your website performance at any times. This free tool allows us to analyse your audiences and to track all the relevant data concerning your website traffic, such as organic traffic, average sessions duration…

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Questions about Content Marketing & Social Media

The importance of content in online marketing has risen tremendously in recent times…so what is it?
Content marketing focuses first and foremost on the needs and desires of the consumer, rather than the company and its products or services. Good content marketing provides genuine, honest, helpful information to end-users in order to develop a trustful and transparent relationship with them. This, in turn, will hopefully lead to the sale…

We recommend you should take the time out to create your digital marketing strategy before rushing in and writing blogs or other content. Just as you have previously done with off-line marketing communication, think through your audience, your message, your company strengths and weaknesses, and so on. A clear plan will ensure your content development is targeted, accurate, informative and engaging.

Keywords are important in content creation and your content should include some mentions of the words and phrases that are key to your business. However, bear in mind that you’re looking to engage and attract people – not search engines! Make sure your copy is interesting, engaging, inspiring!

Companies are increasingly using social media to connect with their customers, avert crises and build reputations; it allows for very tight digital targeting; it’s cost-effective and flexible.

Sounds perfect, yes? Well, it can be, but you need to bear in mind it’s also a great sounding board and it has become the world’s biggest complaint box. You need to be capable of closely monitoring and responding quickly to social media dialogue, or it can do you severe harm. Outsourcing this responsibility to a professional social media and digital marketing agency is something worthy of serious consideration.

A blog is an important element of content marketing. It can demonstrate credibility as a leading player in your industry; it provides rich content and keywords that will influence the search engines; it creates new interest for your followers on social media. One proviso, though – once you begin, blogs should be a regular component of your digital marketing; failure to regularly provide new articles may end up having a negative influence.

Our digital marketing and social media specialists in Bangkok work with all the main sites including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter, as well as search engines like Google.

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