A digital marketing solution designed for your brand

Digital marketing is absolutely necessary for today’s ever-growing digital landscape. More accessible and less expensive than traditional marketing, it will allow you to quickly reach more potential prospects across the world.

Our skilful and data-driven team will deliver to you an adapted digital marketing solution depending on the type of your business and your objectives. We craft, test, measure, optimize, report and offer you technical support all along your project.

In addition, we will leverage our design and branding expertise to provide your prospects with a distinctive experience that perfectly aligns with your brand and increase your return on investment.

Use the power of digital marketing

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Reach the right audiences

Target and attract the most qualified users on your website thanks to our personalized and cross-channel marketing strategy in order to minimize your marketing costs and maximize your conversion rate.

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Différienciate yourself

Share unique, branded, relevant content & advertising to your audience through Social Media, Search Engines and your Website that naturally improve your brand visibility, your branding and therefore, your sales.

Data-driven solution

Collect valuable data concerning your clients, control your marketing costs and easily track results regarding all the actions we have undertaken to make the best decisions for your business.

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Digital Marketing process

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We meet with you either online or in our office in Bangkok, Thailand to make sure we completely understand your market, your brand and your expectations.

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Then, we dig deep into your market and use all the relevant data you could have collected to better know your user interest, your user habits and your competition in order to precisely identify your targeted audience.



We design the most adapted strategy your business to reach the objectives we previously have defined together within a determined amount of time. We select the most adapted media for you and determine together the key performance indicators.

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We start producing the relevant content and/or advertising based on your brand identity to efficiently grab the attention of your prospect, and engage them.

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Strategy Implementation

Once you approve the content and the advertising, we launch campaigns or/and we start sharing continuously the content on Social Media, Search Engines and your website according to a predefined schedule.


Measuring & Reporting

While we are implementing the marketing strategy, we measure its performances thanks to the KPIs and we deliver you frequent report so you can keep an eye on the result at all times.

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Once we have collected enough data, we are optimizing our marketing actions as we go along in order to minimize costs or increase your sales.

Our Digital Marketing solution includes

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Search Engine Advertisement

Via text ads, product listings or visuals, employ Google’s advertising platform to reach prospects and then convert them. Position immediately your brand /service/product on the top of intent searches to gain visibility, clicks and leads.

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Social Media Advertisement

Use the power of Social Media to reach a specific audience in hyper-targeted ways with relevant ads to get more leads. From brand awareness to conversion, we will select the most suitable Social Media for your target audience and your objectives.

If you are searching for the right digital marketing agency to design the best solution for you...


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“We missioned Asia Media to design our digital marketing strategy to improve our online visibility. As a Marketing agency in Bangkok, Asia Media work is very efficient.”


Managing Partner

Hafidh Busaidy

“We highly recommend their services to anyone looking to take their digital marketing to the next level.”


General Manager

Vicent Cloitre - B-accounting CEO

“Asia Media has been notably working with us on our digital marketing strategy. And we are very satisfied with the results we get”


Managing Director

Question about Digital Marketing

Firstly, we listen, and listen hard. We need to fully understand your business strengths, weaknesses, competitors, market situation, your goals and ambitions. We then bring a refreshing and positive objectivity to assessing your situation from there we help you get to where you want to go with creativity, technical know how and passion.

For us, this has never presented a problem and we have worked with numerous companies not based in Bangkok or other locations in Thailand. We can communicate with you by video call (Skype, WhatsApp etc.) and by email, and it is a simple process to forward design work via PDF or JPEG. Of course, it’s always nice to meet in person, and if you’re passing through Thailand, a warm welcome awaits you at our brand new offices in downtown Bangkok!

We do in common with most design agencies, we ask that you pay 30% or 50% of the agreed fee prior to us commencing work on your project.

We probably have over the past 10 years AMS has worked for over xxx clients in most fields of commerce and industry. Even if we haven’t, it will not prove a problem as we apply the same principles of market research, idea generation and design to every project we undertake.

Having a website in this day and age is, really, the entry point into the digital world. Of course, yours can be the biggest, the brightest, and the best on Google, and this is important, but on its own, it’s not enough. Firstly, your website needs to be constantly evolving with new information videos, blogs, new images to keep its ranking above competitors. It MUST BE fully device responsive, and function perfectly on whatever device it is being viewed. As well, it is important to embrace other promotional tools of the digital world e-commerce, social media, digital marketing and you can read about how AMS can help on other pages of this website.

If this all seems a bit confusing, feel free to call us for a chat!

Whether its a new website, a social media campaign or other type of digital marketing, we require all your content visual and written prior to commencing our design work. This ensures that the “look and feel” we deliver is consistent with the content and with your brand positioning.

You will be assigned an experienced account executive who will be responsible for managing your project from start to finish, acting as your main point of contact and ensuring you get prompt and regular feedback. Our talented digital specialists designers, marketeers and, if required, copywriters – will be assigned as and when required.

Yes, we can and frequently do. We have, in our Bangkok agency, experienced creative copywriters in both English and Thai languages. They have earned excellent reputations for providing original, insightful, and inspiring copy for websites, blogs and social media content.

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