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Our team of web designers in Bangkok blends a dedication to aesthetic excellence with a love for design, delivering a fully customizable website that resonates visually and experientially with your users.

Throughout the development journey, our in-house team of web designers and developers in Bangkok remains devoted to:

  • Ensuring transparency with continuous access to design and development progress.
  • Offering dedicated project management assistance at any stage.
  • Meeting and surpassing all your deadlines and expectations.

Discover full potential of your Brand through expert Web Design

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Boost Your Website Traffic

Draw in targeted audiences with an SEO-optimized website design that elevates both brand awareness and visibility on search engines.

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Elevate Your Perceived Value

Immerse your users in a tailored online experience through a website design that perfectly aligns with your brand identity, setting you apart and enhancing the perceived value of your products or services.

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Generate More Leads

Capture and retain prospects with a user-friendly and efficient website that prioritizes both User Interface and User Experience, encouraging meaningful interactions and engagement.

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Journey to Success: Exploring in the world of Web platform development achievements.

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1748 Club Asia Platform

The 1748 Club Asia Platform, developed by Villeroy and Boch, is a pivotal digital initiative catering to designers, architects, and planning professionals. This membership platform allows users to share experiences and insights while earning reward points. With meticulous in-house development, administrators have full control over user registration, profile management, and reward points distribution.

By incentivizing user-generated content, the platform fosters community engagement and enriches the overall experience. Offering curated discussions, articles, and resources, it serves as a valuable hub for industry professionals, facilitating collaboration and inspiration. Committed to adaptability and innovation, the 1748 Club Asia Platform sets a new standard for online communities in design and architecture, reaffirming Villeroy and Boch’s commitment to excellence.

Villeroy&Boch Platform
Villeroy&Boch Platform
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RIHED-Share Platform

As the premier knowledge hub for Southeast Asian higher education, RIHED-SHARE fosters collective intelligence to tackle contemporary challenges. This platform unites partners in higher education around a shared vision for a Common Space in Southeast Asian Higher Education. Spearheaded by Asia Media Studio, the full development empowers clients to manage user interactions, blog and forum sections, and a custom chat dashboard seamlessly.Extensive testing, spanning over 6 months, ensured optimal website functionality.

Additionally, comprehensive training sessions were provided to ensure proficient utilization of the main back office. Explore RIHED-SHARE for a transformative educational experience in Southeast Asia, where innovation meets collaboration. With a commitment to excellence and user satisfaction, RIHED-SHARE continues to pave the way for educational advancement in the region, driving positive change and fostering a vibrant community of learners and educators alike.

RIHED Platform
RIHED Platform
Exploring superior Web platform development in Bangkok? Align with us for unparalleled solutions.

Website design process

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Our team of web designers engages in thorough discussions with you to grasp your vision, requirements, and expectations, ensuring a solution that not only satisfies your users but also aligns with your goals. Together, we outline your website’s structure and craft various webpage templates.

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We provide you with two different design concepts for the main Key pages. Once you have selected your preferred concept, we revise the design based on your feedback until you are completely satisfied.

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Web Design & Refinements

After completing the key pages, our team proceeds to design all other pages, ensuring compatibility for both desktop and mobile devices. Subsequently, we meticulously revise these page designs based on your feedback.

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Web Development

Once the designs are finalized, we initiate the development of all pages. Throughout this process, we meticulously ensure seamless responsiveness, ensuring the website development aligns flawlessly with the established design.

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Website Deployment

Our team takes care of implementing all your content, including text and images, onto the website. Additionally, we configure SEO settings and optimize the website’s speed for enhanced performance.

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Final Testing & Go-Live

Before the official launch, we conduct a final round of testing to ensure everything is flawless. Once approved, your website goes live, ready to make an impact.

Open and collaborative communication among developers, stakeholders, and end-users is essential at every stage, ensuring the successful development of Web platform solutions.

Diverse Web Development Options

These options collectively contribute to creating a website tailored to the business’s unique needs, ensuring a compelling online presence and a positive user experience.

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Design Style

Modern and Minimalist Design: Clean lines, ample white space, and a focus on simplicity. Ideal for businesses wanting a sleek, contemporary look.
Classic and Timeless Layout: Time-tested design elements, elegant fonts, and a traditional aesthetic. Suited for businesses aiming for a timeless and enduring appearance.

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Interactive Product Catalog: Engaging displays of products with features like zoom, 360-degree views, and filters. Ideal for businesses with a diverse product range.
Appointment Scheduling System: Enables users to schedule appointments online, perfect for service-based businesses such as salons, clinics, or consultants.

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Content Management System (CMS)

WordPress: A versatile and user-friendly CMS suitable for various website types, offering flexibility and a vast array of plugins.
Shopify: Ideal for e-commerce, Shopify provides an all-in-one platform with easy setup and management.

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E-commerce Capabilities

Integrated Shopping Cart: Allows users to add products to a virtual cart for easy and secure online shopping.
Secure Payment Gateway Integration: Enables safe and encrypted online transactions, building trust with customers.

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User Experience Enhancements

Responsive Design: Ensures the website functions seamlessly on various devices, providing an optimal viewing experience.
Seamless Navigation and Intuitive User Interface: Easy-to-use menus, clear calls-to-action, and logical site structure enhance user experience.

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SEO Optimization

Keyword-Optimized Content: Incorporates relevant keywords naturally into website content to improve search engine rankings.
Meta Tag Optimization: Crafting compelling meta titles and descriptions for each page to attract clicks from search engine results.

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Social Media Integration

Social Sharing Buttons: Allows users to easily share content on social media platforms, increasing brand visibility.
Live Feeds or Integration: Displays real-time social media updates on the website, fostering engagement.

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Analytics and Reporting:

Google Analytics Integration: Provides in-depth insights into website traffic, user behavior, and more.
Customized Reporting Dashboard: Tailored reports tracking specific metrics aligned with business objectives.

Questions about Web platform development

Providing a precise timeline can be challenging as it relies on factors such as the number of pages, content availability at the project’s commencement, and the complexity of development. Notably, an e-commerce site entails more extensive work and thus requires additional time. As a general guideline, consider a ballpark estimate of 2-3 months, understanding that variations in project specifics may influence the timeframe.

In the contemporary digital era, where users access websites on diverse devices, a responsive website adapts its layout to fit various device screens, ensuring an optimal and user-friendly experience across desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. This adaptability is essential for broad accessibility and improved user engagement in the diverse landscape of digital devices.

Think of your website as a dynamic showcase for your business. Similar to how you regularly update your showroom, introduce new products, and adjust your advertising strategy, your website demands ongoing attention. Treating your website as a dynamic facet of your operation is crucial. Moreover, search engines like Google favor fresh content, so regular updates not only keep your online presence vibrant but also contribute to improved search engine rankings.

At Asia Media Studio, we design websites with user-friendly content management systems, notably WordPress. This empowers you or your staff to effortlessly manage the system with minimal training. You have the flexibility to add, edit, or delete data at your convenience, ensuring that your website remains up-to-date and aligned with your evolving needs.

Certainly. Our services encompass comprehensive training for WordPress, and this is seamlessly integrated into our quotation.

We offer two distinct design concepts, thoughtfully aligned with your business objectives. Each concept showcases 2 or 3 pages initially. Once you choose your preferred execution, we proceed to develop the remaining pages for that concept. Should you wish for changes or find neither option suitable, we are committed to refining the designs until they meet your complete satisfaction.

Similar to regularly checking and maintaining a new car, website maintenance involves consistently reviewing your site for issues, ensuring it stays updated and relevant. This proactive approach is vital for the smooth functioning of your business. Effective maintenance not only engages and retains customers but also prevents potential setbacks. Asia Media provides dependable website maintenance packages encompassing SEO, hosting, security updates, backups, support, content copywriting, and peace of mind. Feel free to discuss with us how we can tailor these services to meet your specific needs.

To establish your online presence, you require both a domain name and a web hosting account. Purchasing a domain name grants you the right to use that specific name for a set duration, typically one year. Web hosting is essential for storing your website’s files. We seamlessly provide domain names and hosting services, guiding you through the process effortlessly.

In a digital era where consumers use mobile phones, tablets, and laptops for information, knowledge, and purchases, relying solely on retail outlets overlooks a significant and expanding opportunity. Embracing an E-commerce website is crucial for tapping into this growing market and ensuring your products or services are accessible to a broader audience.

None at all! Whether you’re a single-service business or a major brand with hundreds of products, we’ve successfully built E-commerce solutions for various scales, accommodating your specific needs without limitations.

For small to medium-sized businesses, managing credit card payments can be straightforward. Options include utilizing a “Payment Gateway” like PayPal, incorporating a Point of Sale (POS) system through a bank, or integrating a credit card processor directly into the E-commerce site. We’re here to discuss the best option for your business and can assist in setting up the most appropriate system to meet your needs.

We prioritize seamless communication through diverse channels. Whether through in-person or remote consultations, clear digital communication, or collaborative tools, working with us is effortless, whether you’re in Bangkok or beyond. This approach ensures constant connectivity, enabling us to address your needs promptly and facilitating seamless collaboration on your web design project.

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