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  • Your brand is your company’s DNA. The way your company’s brand and logo are perceived by your audience is directly linked to your brand identity.
    It is a lot more than just a name and logo, it is a visual, emotional and cultural definition of your company. We dig deep to uncover who you are, where you want to go and how you can get there through creating a solid brand foundation and visual identity to carry your aspirations into the world.
  • Our graphic design agency in Bangkok, Thailand is here to make sure that we untangle any knots that may be inhibiting your brand from being coherent and enabling it to clearly define its position in your industry and market.
If you are looking for the right branding agency to create an outstanding brand identity & logo design...

Creation process

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The approach

The approach our graphic design agency in Bangkok takes to creating a brand’s identity is to begin by following a process that will help us get an all-round understanding of your company and its operation.

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We explore the competitive landscape; we look for and isolate market gaps that your business can capitalize upon, and we are always mindful of any cultural and regional considerations. We determine, with you, your key company goals, as the brand identity we create is designed to help fulfill these goals.

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Finally, we confirm with you the personality and message you want the brand to communicate, as any successful company needs to create a consistent and positive perception, rather than trying to combine every conceivable positive trait.


Logo Design

Logo design bangkok Asia Media’s offices in Bangkok, Thailand, have, in-house, some of the best strategic thinkers and creative designers to be found. Through them, we deploy our efficient processed-based graphic design approach, which combines strategic marketing and creativity into a multifaceted visual and verbal brand identity.



We will present several logo design options for you to consider, will revise your preferred choice until it is a perfect reflection of your goals, aims, and desires, and we will provide you with a comprehensive range of finished artworks for all possible needs.



Whether it is a completely new brand identity, an existing design that needs to be refreshed, or one that needs to be adapted into another language to penetrate new markets, we have the experience to enable you to develop a meaningful brand identity, that will strengthen your company.

If you are looking for the right branding agency to create an outstanding brand identity & logo design...

They trust us

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“Asia Media also designed a leaner version of our logo where the MPG Blue is emblazoned with the reverse white Sunflower Seed Spirals logo. I believe the new design perfectly captures our company’s multidisciplinary professional practice”


Managing Partner

Kalle Siebrieng Internal Communication Manager for Nissan Asia Pacific

“More than just their high-quality design, I have always valued their strategic advice – they’re not afraid to challenge opinions – and make-it-happen attitude.”

Kelle Siebring

Asia & Oceania Corporate Communications manager

Yord Somjit Picture by PAAP Studio

“AMS designers are very creative, emphatic and resourceful. I am really glad about the logo design and the brand identity they created, which totally match the Bangkok Tea spirit I had.”


CEO & Founder

Denis Dupart Fairmont Hotel

“We asked for AMS’s help with our brand identity and logo design needs for our new luxury Fairmont resort located in the Maldives. The results were excellent despite a very short deadline.”

Denis Dupart

Fairmont Maldives General Manager

“Asia Medial has taken care of all our design projects, including logo design & the brand identity. The attention to detail and creativity has always meet our expectations and our deadlines.”



Questions about brand identity & logo design

Keeping your brand image updated is something you should consider doing fairly regularly, as we believe it’s important to ensure that your brand remains fresh, relevant, and in line with how you want your company to be perceived by customers. However, you do need to be careful too frequently and too dramatically can actually hurt your business.

Your logo is central to your brand building, and it is important that your visual identity sets you apart from your competitors. A custom designed logo is one excellent way to do that.

Because your logo and brand identity is the visual face of your business to the public and people will form an impression of you based on that visual identity. Your logo will appear on every business card, letterhead, brochure, advertisement, product packaging, social media page, so, not only should it be well-executed technically, but it also needs to leave a great impression. You need a designer with the expertise, talent and experience to provide you with the result your business deserves.

Timelines will vary according to specific needs and challenges, but we do work quickly and efficiently, and would hope, with speedy feedback, to complete the design within 3-4 weeks.

At the initial presentation stage we will propose 3 logo styles, with each having 2 or 3 color palettes. This will give you a good selection to choose from, and assuming one appeals (and we are confident that you will love at least one of them!), we will then work up the one selected to artwork stage.

We take great store in understanding your business and your aims, and the agency employs some of the best designers in Bangkok, so we are confi- dent in getting it right first time. If however, you don’t like the first selection, we will keep working on it until you are completely satisfied.

As soon as you’ve approved the agreed budget and have paid the 50% up front fee.

Your brand name is, if anything, even more important than its visual identity. Naming your brand is a decision that will set the stage for your business and will shape its future. At Asia Media, in Bangkok, we have always been of the view that finding a strong, unique brand name is an indispensable first step in the strategic brand development process. We have a proven process that that is designed to uncover a name that is right for the brand and its market, is memorable, and will create customer confidence and belief. If you want to know more about our Brand Naming expertise.

Simple answer, this one you own the design. We hand over all artworks to you on completion of the project.

Your logo is the core of your visual identity and a major factor behind your success today. But like the products you sell, it needs to keep pace with an ever-changing society. Over the past 10 years and more, we have been involved in numerous “logo evolution” projects and our design process involves updating the logo to deliver a clean, modern image, whilst maintaining the important elements of brand recognition and brand heritage.

Your brand name and logo become key symbols of a successful organization’s face to its customers. Therefore, it makes sense that these important elements are protected from competitive imitation. We always ensure that our designs are original and are protectable and we highly recommend consulting with a Trademark Attorney as trademark applications can be rather complicated, particularly if protection is sought in a number of countries. We have worked, over the years, with one particular property law firm here in Bangkok, and would be happy to refer the company to you.

It has always been our philosophy to work closely with our clients throughout a logo design project and at the start of the process we will assign an Account Manager from our Bangkok office to your business who will act as your liaison throughout. We will want to discover all we can about your company, its products, the market and the competition. After that, we will be submitting at least 3 logo designs to you for consideration and feedback. Once you have made a choice, our design team will take your comments on board and will fine-tune the selected logo and will produce it a number of color combinations until you are completely satisfied with the outcome.

We release to you all artworks after final approval of the logo design. At no extra cost, we provide these in a number of formats, including Adobe Illustrator (AI), PDF, JPG, SVG and PNG (with transparent background).

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