Social Media Advertising

Social media play an important role in our daily lives, whether it is to interact with friends, share content or even to search for information on products or services we are interested in. The same goes for your prospects.

Via image, carousel or video format, reach a maximum of your potential customers scrolling on their social media feed and promote your brand through eye-catching, expertly designed and relevant advertising. 

Our data-driven team will design, test, optimize, report and support you throughout your project. And above all, we are committed to showing you transparency about all of our actions and reaching the objectives we have set together.


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Increase your reach efficiently

Reach massively more people and target the most relevant social media audiences depending on your business to enhance your brand awareness, minimize your acquisition costs and maximize your conversion rate.

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Strengthen your brand and get more customers

Display attractive advertisements that enhance your branding and give the social media users the desire to interact with your brand and potentially to purchase your products or services.

Control your investment and collect more data

Easily track results from all our actions through reports, control your daily campaigns budget on social media and collect valuable data about your customers to make better marketing decisions for the future.

Social Media Advertising process

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We meet with you either in our office in Bangkok, Thailand or online, to ensure that we fully understand your expectations, market and your brand.

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We carry out research on your market and leverage all the relevant information we are able to collect to better understand who are your prospects in order to precisely identify your targeted audience.



We plan a strategy to reach the objectives we previously have defined within an agreed time period and we set the several KPIs to track. We select the most adapted social media depending on your market and your customers.

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Ads design

We deploy all our design skills & experience to create appealing and eye-catching ads to captivate efficiently the user’s attention while scrolling their social media feeds.

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Strategy implementation

Once the ads are approved by your team, we start launching the social media advertising campaigns following the predefined schedule strategy.


Measuring & Reporting

While the ads are running, we measure their performances through the different KPIs and we provide you with frequent reports to allow you to easily track the results.

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Campaigns optimization

We use the data we have collected through the social media advertising campaigns to optimize them in order to reach your business objectives in the most cost-efficient way.

Social Media Ads we may use

Facebook Ads

With 2 billion active users, Facebook is the most popular social network. It allows you to reach a very large audience, with precise targeting. Via Facebook ads, you can bring users directly to your website and increase your notoriety. 

Instagram Ads

Instagram is the social media to share visuals. The ads look almost like users’ publications, making them much less intrusive. Combined with a relevant content strategy, Instagram Ads enable you to boost branding and brand awareness.

Linkedin Ads:

Linkedin is the largest professional social network, gathering an older audience than other social media. Linkedin Ads are most often used for B2B companies, with the main objective of lead generation. 

Tiktok Ads

Tiktok is currently the social network that is booming. It allows you to record short videos with filters and music to share with its community. Tiktok Ads, which is quite new, could be a very appealing way to promote your products to a mostly young audience.

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We missioned Asia Media to design our digital marketing strategy to improve our online visibility. As a Marketing agency in Bangkok, Asia Media work is very efficient.


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