Social Media & Digital Marketing in Bangkok, Thailand

Love or hate it, in this digital age, social media, is the fastest growing and probably the largest cultural pillar. It is the first place people think of going to for information, for inspiration, to source products and services, and more. There has been a large influx of brands flourishing in this social media digital space and so it is vital to become the best at shouting to grab your audience’s attention.

Effective social media and digital marketing that gets you results

The benefit of social media and digital marketing is that they respond to a multitude of marketing problems, including launching or raising awareness for a product, driving sales or repositioning yourself for expansion, and many more. They are incredibly powerful social tools and if used correctly they can grow your business through the generation of new leads and customers.

Be social

Building an engaged community through digital marketing and social media

Using our end-to-end marketing knowledge and services our Bangkok agency plans its work around your social media and digital marketing needs and objectives. We deliver organic and paid solutions by formulating ways of broadcasting your social message to your prospective customers. The original raison d'être of social media was for people to have a space where they can talk to each other. It is no different for the marketing of brands, and this is exactly where we can help you. After being acquainted with your brand we listen to your audiences, we ask the right questions of them and we get to understand what makes them tick so that we can then deliver the right marketing content to start a social conversation with them. We strive to creating positive sentiment and developing a loyal following that advocate your brand, after which they essentially carry on the message to their social networks, creating a valuable ripple effect.
To do so is about making digital network connections and developing an image that consumers can relate to or interact with. We give you the tools to engage with your customers on social media sites such as Facebook. We develop the right tone of voice, we execute social content that resonates with them with relevant information about your brand, all whilst staying in trend to forge a much stronger bond with your end users.

If you are looking for branding, print or digital graphic design services to create exceptional online and offline experiences for your audience.

Digital marketing is pretty much anything that’s online or web-based – web design and development, SEO, social media, e-newsletters and so on.

Traditional marketing is all offline marketing activities including print, direct mail, radio, TV, etc., whereas digital marketing offers a higher level of social engagement and interaction with the target audience, instantly connected through the various social media and digital marketing channels

Social media is one of the most cost-effective ways to connect internet users with your business, and our key recommendations are:

– Make sure you’re on Google and Facebook (as a bare minimum)

– Diversify your own social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram…

– Avoid engaging in fake social news, both on social media and on your own website, and make sure you can always justify your claims

– Live broadcast a video is the perfect way to publicize a special event or promotion

– Time your social media postings to maximize audience reach

– Keep up with the times – social media is constantly trending, stay with it!

Because social media advertising allows you to target and retarget ideal consumers. Social media platforms have sophisticated targeting capabilities that help you reach your ideal buyers, which allows you to drive more relevant traffic to your site. Digital marketing through social media is one of the most versatile and cost-effective marketing strategies available to reach target audiences and boost sales. 

Our digital marketing and social media specialists in Bangkok work with all the main sites including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter, as well as search engines like Google.

The best way to drive engagement is by delivering high-quality digital content to the right people at the right time. A creative and unique social media campaign is much more likely to encourage your followers to share it with their family members, friends or professional contacts, who will then share with their contacts…and so on!

Companies are increasingly using social media to connect with their customers, avert crises and build reputations; it allows for very tight digital targeting; it’s cost-effective and flexible.

Sounds perfect, yes? Well, it can be, but you need to bear in mind it’s also a great sounding board and it has become the world’s biggest complaint box. You need to be capable of closely monitoring and responding quickly to social media dialogue, or it can do you severe harm. Outsourcing this responsibility to a professional social media and digital marketing agency is something worthy of serious consideration.

A blog is an important element of social media marketing. It can demonstrate credibility as a leading player in your industry; it provides rich content and keywords that will influence the search engines; it creates new interest for your followers on social media. One proviso, though – once you begin, blogs should be a regular component of your digital marketing; failure to regularly provide new articles may end up having a negative influence.

The quick answer is a resounding YES! YouTube gets over 4 billion views every day, testifying to the increasing importance of videos in digital marketing. Promoting your brand through video is a great way to demonstrate new products and attract new audiences.

You should be sure to post consistently – irregular and uninvolved posting will likely result in negative feedback.
Encourage your audience to get involved, and when they provide feedback – positive or negative – respond and discuss with them, in a positive manner.
Be creative – everyone’s using social media now and it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out.

The importance of content in online marketing has risen tremendously in recent times…so what is it?
Content marketing focuses first and foremost on the needs and desires of the consumer, rather than the company and its products or services. Good content marketing provides genuine, honest, helpful information to end-users in order to develop a trustful and transparent relationship with them. This, in turn, will hopefully lead to the sale…

We recommend you should take the time out to create your digital marketing strategy before rushing in and writing blogs or other content. Just as you have previously done with off-line marketing communication, think through your audience, your message, your company strengths and weaknesses, and so on. A clear plan will ensure your content development is targeted, accurate, informative and engaging.

Keywords are important in content creation and your content should include some mentions of the words and phrases that are key to your business. However, bear in mind that you’re looking to engage and attract people – not search engines! Make sure your copy is interesting, engaging, inspiring!