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Sector: Telecommunication
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AIS Thailand emerges as a pinnacle of telecommunications prowess, extending far beyond conventional connectivity. The legacy of pioneering innovation accompanies AIS, empowering individuals and enterprises to excel within this digital epoch. Unparalleled solutions and an unwavering dedication to perfection collectively propel AIS Thailand to the forefront of reshaping connectivity’s future.


Mobile operator in Thailand





Brochure design
Infographics design
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PowerPoint design

Digital life service provider

Crafting catalogues and brochures

Initiating our journey, the task at hand was to craft impactful brochures and dynamic PowerPoint presentations for AIS. Seamlessly fusing design ingenuity with information immersion, we distilled their content into tailored infographics. This symbiotic relationship between design and substance birthed not just materials, but gateways into AIS’s world – where every page and slide told their story succinctly and vividly.

Brand guideline alignment

Our approach involved a thorough review of the AIS brand guidelines. By aligning our designs with their brand identity, we ensured a cohesive representation. This measure not only led to accurate execution but also enabled us to cater to the client’s needs effectively that resonated with their vision.

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