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Hillrom Asia

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Hillrom is a market-leading global medical technology company spécialized in designing medical and surgical equipment. Historically, the company is known for developing hospital beds and medical devices for healthcare professionals. Working closely with healthcare professionals, Hillrom focuses nowadays on digital and physical patient care solutions that deliver better clinical outcomes. The company’s mission is “Every day, around the world, enhancing the efficiency of care for patients and their caregivers.” In 2021, Hillrom's Asia-Pacific division contacted us to work on print design, web design and digital advertising in order to keep performing its mission.

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Advancing Connected Care

Special company, special working process

The legislative restrictions and constraints on marketing in the medical sector, which frequently vary from one country to another, make for a challenging environment for agencies working with a multinational healthcare company such as Hillrom. The company has developed strict brand guidelines that need to be followed assiduously, requiring regular liaison with several Hillrom decision makers worldwide, for both guidance and final approval.




Multi-country advertising 

Hillrom entrusted us with designing and managing the company’s digital advertising on Facebook, Linkedin and Google in several Asia-Pacific markets. The campaigns, in both English and individual Asian country languages, targeted healthcare professionals and aimed to promote both the Hillrom brand and its medical devices. Throughout each campaign we analyzed data feedback, fine-tuned our work and then reported the results – that proved to be excellent – back to the company’s management team.

One purpose, several webpages 

Hillrom asked us to use our web design experience to develop a number of landing pages dedicated to the different advertising campaigns. These were designed specifically to share information, research and resources with healthcare professionals and to promote medical devices. The creative treatment, therefore, had to be sleek and simple, making the content very clear for users whilst perfectly projecting the Hillrom brand’s visual identity.

S&J International


$4,77 billion turnover international group specialized in cosmetic and personal care products approached us to manage their website design and development.



Lavanille appointed us to upgrade their branding, packaging and website to bring a chic and vibrant new look. Since then, we are also taking care of their social media as well as other creative projects.