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TCM Corporation, a renowned carpet manufacturing company based in Thailand, has chosen us to create their new brand. With our expertise in market research, brand strategy, name selection, and corporate identity development, we are committed to delivering exceptional results. Our comprehensive approach encompasses designing a distinctive logo, crafting stationery, creating an engaging brochure, establishing brand guidelines, and designing a user-friendly website. Our ultimate objective is to deliver a premium brand that deeply connects with the target audience, establishing Carpet Inter as a frontrunner in cutting-edge acoustic solutions.




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Acoustic solution that enhances quality of life.

Insights from extensive Asia-Pacific market research

We conducted in-depth market research across six countries in the Asia Pacific region. This four-month-long process resulted in a comprehensive report exceeding 300 pages. It provided valuable insights into product positioning and brand strategies for the client and our team.

Crafting a unique corporate Identity

The second phase focused on brand strategy and naming for their new business venture. This involved collaboration between the TCM and AMS teams to provide the best advice and strategies for the new brand. After receiving approval, we began crafting a unique corporate identity (CI).