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HA Design & Associates

Sector: Interior Design
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HA Design & Associates, Thailand’s foremost interior architectural firm, specializes in personalized office and workplace design. Their innovative, mindful, and creative approach aims to nurture both individuals and organizations. With a firm conviction that the right atmosphere is crucial for success, they meticulously tend to every detail. Their commitment ensures that each workspace provides all the essentials for success, effectiveness, and lasting happiness.


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Creating functional & great spaces

Logo and brand identity revitalization:

The project commenced with an ambitious endeavor: a complete overhaul of the company’s logo and brand identity. The challenge was challenging, as the logo had remained untouched since the inception of the company 20 years ago. After an exploration of diverse design options, coupled with multiple iterative revisions, we succeeded in crystallizing the perfect visual essence for the logo. This meticulous process culminated in a refreshed logo that resonates harmoniously with the brand’s ethos. Upon finalizing the logo, we extended our efforts to formulate a comprehensive branding guideline that meticulously defines the entire spectrum of their visual identity.

Sleek and informative website design

Drawing inspiration from a paradigm of simplicity and minimalism, we embarked on designing a website that seamlessly harmonizes with the brand’s identity. The design prioritizes an intuitive and effortless content consumption experience for clients, while also shining a spotlight on their impressive portfolio of projects. Central to the project was the optimization of search engine visibility, reinforcing HA Design & Associates’ online presence and fostering increased traffic.

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