Bangkok Web Design: Uncompromising Excellence

Our web designers combine a love for great aesthetics and a passion for design, to create a 100% customizable website that impacts both visually and experientially with your users.

During the creation process, our In-house Bangkok website designers and website developers team is committed to:

  • Being transparent through ongoing access to the website designs and then the website development.
  • Assisting you at any time with a dedicated project manager for your project
  • Meeting all your deadlines and expectations

Unlock your Brand Potential Through  Web Design

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Increase your traffic

Attract qualified people with an SEO optimized website design that will enhance your brand awareness and your visibility on the search engines.

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Improve your perceived value

Bring your user into your own universe through a website design in total adequation with your brand identity to stand out and increase your products or/and services perceived value.

Icon ImproveYourPerceivedValue
Get more leads

Retain your prospects by providing them with an ergonomic and efficient website focused on the User Interface and the User Experience that will prompt people to interact with you.

Case study

HA Design logo

HA Design Unveils Streamlined Website Redesign

Following the successful development of HA Design’s new brand identity by our branding design team, the subsequent phase involved a complete website overhaul, maintaining a sleek, minimalist appearance consistent with their branding.

The website redesign emphasizes simplicity, ensuring an intuitive and effortless experience for clients accessing content while showcasing HA Design’s impressive project portfolio. Additionally, comprehensive SEO optimization was implemented, strengthening HA Design & Associates’ online visibility and driving higher traffic.

The website was built using custom WordPress technology, enhancing its functionality and user engagement. This strategic approach not only aligned with HA Design’s aesthetic but also reinforced their digital presence, offering an enhanced and user-friendly platform for their clients.

HA Design
HA Design
TGM Logo

Modernizing TGM: Design & Development Transforms Online Presence

Where Bold, Modern, and Mobile-Friendly Meet. Our Bangkok-based web designers team embarked on a journey, starting with crafting a unique brand identity for Thompson Golf Management (TGM). The subsequent phase involved a complete overhaul of their website.

Given that most users browse TGM via mobile devices, our primary goal for designing the website was to ensure an outstanding mobile experience. We introduced special fonts, graphics, icons, and a distinctive color scheme, infusing the site with a fresh, innovative look. Every image underwent meticulous retouching to achieve a clean, natural appearance.

Our collaborative efforts resulted in a user-friendly site featuring over 230 templates and 15,000+ words, all managed seamlessly through a custom WordPress design. The outcome reflects our commitment to offering a friendly, engaging, and modern user experience for TGM’s audience.”

TGM Website
TGM Website
logo scroll

Brandon Bioscience's New Corporate Site Takes Center Stage"

Celebrating another success in website design for our esteemed client, Brandon Bioscience, based in Ireland. Following the design of a new brand identity, the subsequent step involved developing a sleek, corporate website focusing on direct and efficient communication.

The site’s design aligns seamlessly with their brand identity, boasting a cutting-edge aesthetic. Additionally, we meticulously recreated all icons and infographics to complement the company’s branding.

As the second phase of the project, our team has undertaken monthly SEO management and enhanced their digital marketing strategies to augment their online presence. This comprehensive approach signifies our commitment to fortifying Brandon Bioscience’s digital footprint and ensuring their online success.

Brandon Website
Brandon Website
logo popup

Art, Advocacy, and Brand Fusion in a Premium Website Design

At Glow Gallery & Store, we’ve curated a unique fusion space that not only showcases art but also advocates for artists while distributing branded products. We took charge of crafting a custom-designed, premium-feel website, adopting a single-scroll layout.

The site’s elegance primarily derives from impactful imagery complemented by a font style that aligns with the overall aesthetic. Developed on WordPress, our web design approach includes a comprehensive maintenance plan, allowing us to regularly update content related to their products, featured artists, and upcoming events.

This tailored approach aims to provide a seamless, visually compelling online experience that mirrors the gallery’s ethos, effectively representing both art and brand products within an engaging digital environment.

Glow Website
Glow Website
Jagota logo

Jagota Partners with Asia Media Studio: Crafting a Premium Website for Innovative Food Solution

Championing innovative food solutions in Thailand for Modern Trade, Food Service, and Catering, JAGOTA partnered with Asia Media Studio, a leading web design company in Bangkok for their latest website project. Their core need was a premium website that not only highlighted product quality but also captivated users visually.

We meticulously handled the project’s UX/UI, followed by the custom development of over 50 pages on WordPress. To ensure a seamless transition from their previous site, we meticulously managed a full SEO transition, preventing any traffic loss.

This comprehensive approach, from design to development and SEO enhancement, reflects our commitment to delivering a superior online platform for JAGOTA, aligning with their ethos of excellence in the food industry.

Jagota Website
Jagota Website
Create an exceptional online experience for your users...

PIA Interior

New website design for an Interior company located downtown Bangkok.

Base Solar

Custom corporate website design of an innovative company involved in renewable energy in SEA.

Intega Healthcare

Clean and simple website design & development for an healthcare company based in Singapore

Mihiri Island Resort

Design and development of a Wordpress Flatsome Template for a resort in the Maldives.


Brand new website design for an accounting company located in Thailand.

S&J Inter

Custom website design and development for a company specialized in cosmetic manufacturing.

Mahanakorn Partner Group

Custom design and development of a multilingual website for MPG which includes over 100 pages.

Lub D

UX, UI, and custom development for a famous hostel that contain multiple location through asia

PIA Interior

New website design for an Interior company located downtown Bangkok.

S&J Inter

Custom website design and development for a company specialized in cosmetic manufacturing.

Mihiri Island Resort

Design and development of a Wordpress Flatsome Template for a resort in the Maldives.

Base Solar

Custom corporate website design of an innovative company involved in renewable energy in SEA.

Intega Healthcare

Clean and simple website design & development for an healthcare company based in Singapore

Mahanakorn Partner Group

Custom design and development of a multilingual website for MPG which includes over 100 pages.


Brand new website design for an accounting company located in Thailand.

Lub D

UX, UI, and custom development for a famous hostel that contain multiple location through asia

Tailored eCommerce Website Design and Development

We excel in tailored solutions, granting absolute control and customization to meet your unique needs. Drawing from extensive e-commerce expertise, AMS crafts distinctive web designs applies personalized SEO strategies, and nurtures brand growth, positioning your business as a market leader. When it comes to online stores, whether it’s eCommerce homepage design or designing your eCommerce store, AMS selects open-source solutions like WooCommerce, seamlessly integrated with WordPress for smaller setups, or Magento for larger, technically sophisticated websites. These platforms enable personalized coding, ensuring reliability, flexibility, and scalability for your website’s sustainable expansion and success.

eCcommerce Web Design Features

Experience an unparalleled e-commerce website development journey with our robust suite of features. Our tailored eCommerce website builder solutions encompass comprehensive product capability, intuitive analytics, seamless social integration, and optimized shipping gateways. With a strong emphasis on mobile compatibility, unique design elements, and secure payment integration, we craft websites that elevate your brand and streamline your business operations. Some of our key features include the following:

  • Unlimited product capability
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Social media integration
  • Shipping gateway integration
  • Unlimited categories
  • Fully mobile compatible
  • Testimonial slider
  • Online store development
  • Unique custom designs
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Back office to edit full content
  • Safe & secure platform
  • SEO-Friendly eCommerce website design

Website assistance & management

Through our specialized back office, clients seamlessly oversee their products, stocks, descriptions, and pricing. We prioritize support and comprehensive tutorials, enabling clients to efficiently manage their website. Additionally, our collaboration with multiple payment gateways in Thailand provides seamless integration and expert guidance. We’re here to offer support and assistance in choosing the ideal partner for your needs.

Website Design Process

Icon Understrading



Our web designers meet with you to ensure we fully understand your vision, needs and your expectations in order to satisfy both your users and you. And we define together your website map and the different web page templates.

Icon Creation 1



We provide you with two different design concepts for the main Key pages. Once you have selected your preferred concept, we revise the design based on your feedback until you are completely satisfied.

AMS ICON 3 FullWebsiteandRevisions


Full web design & revisions

Once the key pages are done, we continue designing all the other pages, for both laptop and mobile devices. Then we revise these page designs in response to your feedback.

AMS ICON 4 Development


Web development

When the designs are ready, we start developing all the pages. During the process, we ensure that the responsiveness works well and the website development matches the website design perfectly.

Icon WebsiteSetUp


Website set-up

All your content is implemented (text, pictures etc…) on the website by our team. Moreover, we set up your SEO and optimize your website speed.

AMS ICON 6 TestingandLaunching


Testing & Launching

We test the website to make sure that is fully-functional.
Once it is ready, we program together with the launch and provide you assistance throughout the process.

Website features & tools

téléchargement 1

WordPress CMS

We usually develop websites on WordPress, the most popular Content Management System, used by 38% of websites in the world. This CMS allows you to easily implement and manage all your website content by yourself, after a short training session that we provide free of charge.

Group 1654


InVision is a popular website design collaboration platform that allows you to access 24/7 to the updated website designs. Moreover, you can directly share your feedback with our designers team via InVision. Besides, the tool has a website visualization feature that enables you to navigate on the website designs as if they were already developed.

icon copy 17 1


Our websites are designed to automatically resize to suit the screen size of your user’s device. A responsive website gives far greater and easier access to your online content for your viewer, which is essential for the user experience.

Cloudways logo


Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform used by our web development team to build your brand new website. Therefore, you would be able to have a look at your website all along the web development process whenever you want.

gtmetrix logo white 2

GTmetrix pro

Loading time is fundamental to provide a great experience to your users and is a key SEO factor. Therefore, we use the GTmetrix to analyze and then optimize all your pages speed performance in order to deliver you the fastest website we can.

Google Analytics Logo 1

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free service for audience analyzing used by more than 10 million websites. We synchronise it to your website in order for you to track your website traffic and other data.

SUite Adobe Logo Design

Adobe Suite

Our website design team is using the Adobe software to produce the best artworks. We create and edit beautiful images with Photoshop, draw illustrations with Illustrator, and design prototypes & share user experiences with Adobe XD.

Woocommerce logo


WooCommerce is a customizable eCommerce platform built on WordPress. Get a safe and secure online payment, configurable shipping options, and much more thanks to a rich set of features that can be extended with the addition of plugins. You can also use the WooCommerce mobile app on both OS and Android platforms.

Create an exceptional online experience for your users...

They Trust us

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Vincent Cloitre

“I have used the services of Asia Media Studio since 4 years now.
They successfully assisted and advised me in the development of a real brand strategy for my accounting company.”

Vincent Cloitre

Managing Director

Bo Nielsen from SJ

“We have been incredibly impressed with all aspects of their work, notably on our website project. If you are looking for an agile creative agency which is extremely capable, pleasant to collaborate with and reactive, then Asia Media is the partner for you.”

Bo Nielsen

Executive Vice President


“Our new website design perfectly captures our multidisciplinary professional practice, expressing the company core values. The work has provided by Asia Media is excellent, and we have ever since retained their services with high satisfaction.”

Luca Bernardinetti

Managing Partner

Yord Somjit Picture by PAAP Studio

“Their designers are very professional, creative and reactive. I am really proud of the website design they created, which enhance perfectly our Branding.”


Founder & CEO

Picture 35940 Sofitel

“I have worked with many agencies in the past and for the first time we have been able to kick start and release a project on time with the best results we could expect. Their technology agility and creativity has also helped us to recover from a closing down agency.”

Luc Boutet

Sofitel Thailand & Cambodge Digital Marketing Director

Website options

icon copy 25 1

Website maintenance

Make sure your website is fully functional and issue-free at all times to avoid bad user experience that may cost you money. Website Maintenance is the process of regularly checking your website to keep it updated and to solve issues and errors as soon as they appear. Our monthly maintenance subscription covers security, updates, backups, support, emergencies and especially, peace of mind.

Sans titre 6

Hosting with Flywheel

Getting your website hosting right means more traffic and better user experience. Long loading speed has a very negative impact on your SEO – 40% of visitors leave a website if it does not load in less than 3 seconds.
Our Flywheel hosting service delivers a secure site with high upload speed, no matter where in the world your users are.

SEO Service Icon 1

Search Engine Optimization

Create synergy between your new website and SEO to increase your search engine visibility, capture qualified users with strong intent and build a long-term relay of growth for your business. We will devise an adapted SEO strategy for you, help you with the implementation and provide you with follow-up through assistance and monthly reports. More details here.

icon copy 19 1

Advanced UX website design

Plan with us the perfect user flow to create a relevant experience that connects, converts and builds user loyalty with an action-driven solution.
UX website design involves the design of the entire process of acquiring and integrating the product, design, usability and function.

icon copy 23 1

Social Media Advertisements

Use the power of Social Media Advertising to reach a specific audience in hyper-targeted ways with relevant ads, combined with a well-thought-out website design, to deliver more leads. From brand awareness to conversion, we will select the most suitable Social Media for your target audience and your objectives.

icon copy 22 1

Google Ads

Via text ads, product listings or visuals, employ the Google Ads platform to reach prospects and then convert them through your well-designed website. Position immediately your brand /service / product on the top of intent searches to gain visibility, clicks and leads.

icon copy 18 1

Content Marketing

Create high-quality, consistent and engaging content that impacts your audience decision-making through Social Media posts, blog articles, e-books etc. With content marketing, you can build trust with your audience, improve conversion rates, connect with your customers and generate more leads.

Questions about website design & development

This isn’t too easy to answer definitively. It will depend on the number of pages you want, whether all the content is available at the start of the project, and how much development is required for example an e-commerce site will take significantly more time. Ball park, though, allow 2-3 months.

Nowadays, websites get viewed on a range of computer devices desktop, laptop, tablets and mobile phones. A responsive website is designed to automatically resize to suit the screen size of the device. A website that is easily viewed on every type of device gives far greater and easier access to your online content for your viewer. A responsive site is almost essential now, as increasingly people migrate to mobile, and we always recommend following this route.

Imagine if you never updated your showroom, never introduced new products, never changed your advertising…your website is a reflection of your business, and should be treated as you would any other facet of your operation. Furthermore, Google and other search engines respond positively to new content and regular updating of your website will lead to better rankings.

AMS always design websites using user-friendly content management systems, such as WordPress. This allows you or your staff, with very little training, to manage the system and add or delete data as often as you choose.

Yes we do, and this is included in our quotation.

We will present you with two distinct concepts, both reflecting your business objectives. Each concept will show you 2 or 3 pages, and once you have selected your preferred execution we will work up the other pages for that concept. If you are not happy with either, or want changes to your preferred route, we will continue working on the designs until you are fully content.

As with a new car, maintenance the process of regularly checking your website for issues and errors and keeping it updated and relevant is imperative to keeping your business running smoothly. Good maintenance will ensure customers are engaged and retained; poor maintenance can cause some serious problems and setbacks to the health of your business. Asia Media offers reliable website maintenance packages covering SEO, hosting, security and updates, backups, support, content copywriting and peace of mind. Feel free to talk to us about what we can offer you.

To present your website on-line you will need both a domain name and web hosting account. Buying a domain name gives you the right to use that particular name for a specified period (usually one year). The web hosting is needed to store your website’s files. We do provide domain names and hosting services and can help you through this process seamlessly.

Increasingly consumers are turning to mobile phones, tablets and laptops to glean information, acquire knowledge and make purchases. To continue to only rely on sales through retail outlets is missing out on a big and growing opportunity.

None whatsoever! We have built E-commerce for anything from single service businesses up to multi-product major brands with hundreds of products.

For a small or medium-sized business, credit card payments can be simply managed by utilizing a “Payment Gateway” such as Pay Pal; by incorporating a POS system through a bank; or by integrating a credit card processor into the E-commerce site. We will be happy to discuss the best option for you, and can assist in setting up the most appropriate system for your business. 

We prioritize smooth communication through various channels. We offer both in-person and remote consultations, clear digital communication, and collaborative tools, making it easy to work with us from anywhere in Bangkok or beyond. This ensures that we stay connected and can address your needs promptly for seamless collaboration on your web design project.

Get a quotation for website design & website development in 24 hours.
Or ask for an appointment with our teams, online or in our office located in Bangkok, Thailand.