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Established in 2020 by a team of experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts, Property Scout has become the leading authority in residential rentals and sales in Thailand, with plans for expansion in South East Asia. Welcome to the future of property scouting—welcome to this innovation.


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Simplifying home search, accelerating sales & rentals.

“Property Scout” naming & identity design

As the initial phase of this project, we were actively engaged in the naming process. Upon the confirmation of the name “Property Scout,” our focus shifted to the branding identity that seamlessly embodies the name’s essence. We blended real estate imagery, symbolized by houses, with the iconic visuals of the Boy Scouts. Subsequently, we streamlined our efforts by establishing a comprehensive brand guideline.

Unique icons
design for online impact

As an integral part of our branding strategy, we dedicated ourselves to the creation of a series of icons tailored for online communication. Over 60 unique icons, all intricately linked to the property industry, were meticulously designed. Each icon received a customized and distinct treatment to align seamlessly with our client’s unique branding, ensuring a cohesive and exclusive visual identity.

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