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Sector: Retail & consumer product
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Specializing in cutting-edge high-tech devices tailored for skincare and anti-aging, Qlarité excels in crafting advanced solutions. Each innovation undergoes meticulous clinical studies and research, conducted in collaboration with prominent medical experts. At the intersection of technology and beauty, our products redefine skincare standards with a commitment to excellence and effectiveness.


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High tech anti-aging device

French elegance: branding & packaging for cosmetic innovation

Tasked with naming a premium cosmetic design brand renowned for its French origin and cutting-edge presence in the anti-aging industry, our project unfolds in three key phases. Initially, we focus on establishing a distinctive brand identity. Subsequently, we delve into the creation of the brand’s main logo and product naming design. Our final endeavor involves shaping the overall aesthetic of their main packaging, harmonizing form and function for an impactful presentation of this innovative cosmetic line.

Qlarité: a French touch of clarity in simplicity

The primary criterion for the name was simplicity with a French meaning and connotation, coupled with the availability of a concise .com domain. We settled on “QLARITE” (derived from “clarite” in French), translating to “transparency.” To infuse uniqueness, we replaced the letter ‘C’ with ‘Q,’ maintaining the same pronunciation. Notably, we secured the domain, aligning our linguistic and branding goals seamlessly.

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