Aspirational Brands - What Makes Them Succeed?

There have been, over the years, countless fads and fashions that capture attention for a short time span. Most are forgotten, or at best, become indulgent memories. There are, though, some branded introductions that have stood the test of time, seemingly spontaneous, but in reality carefully orchestrated, intentional and with a long-term plan in mind.

Brands like Apple, Diesel, Virgin, Samsung, IKEA, Nike, Starbucks have built their success through devising a clear long term strategy and branding. They understand that their target market cares about style, status, and, increasingly now, doing right by the planet; users want products that both delight their senses and embody their values. These aspirants want brands that:

– stand for something more than just a product, stand for something they can believe in.

– act as badges for their own identity

– reflect their own opinions and experiences

– help them make a difference

Aspirational brand owners recognize that their products need to nowadays reflect busy, mobile, individual lifestyles, and the new influences people choose to live by. The aspirational brand is a symbol of wealth and will command a premium price.


Importantly, whilst many who wish to own it cannot for economic reasons, they will believe that at some time in the future they will be able to do so. It offers more potential than a niche luxury brand because, whilst relatively expensive, it is acquirable. Think Mercedes, rather than Ferrari!

The benefits to an organization that successfully develops an aspirational branding strategy are enormous. It leads to a strengthening of relationships with the consumer, and creates a network of advocates that competitors will struggle to match. It takes customers beyond brand loyalty, transforming them into their brand ambassadors who will extol the brand’s virtues to their peers. It will drive significant behavior change, business growth and positive social impact.

Asia Media has over 10 years experience in brand building, through thoughtful strategic development supported by highly creative visual identity design. If you would like to have a chat about what we can offer, feel free to get in touch – we’d be very happy to meet with you.


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