Animating your Website to a New Level

3D Animation is being seen as having a trending role in digital marketing, especially on websites or advertisements. Those of you who have come across this article via the AMS Home Page will already, we hope, have been awed by the dynamism of the 3D Animation that launches our brand new website.

3D Animation, once the domain of video gaming and virtual reality, is now being seen as having a trending role in digital marketing and branding. Users’ expectations of websites have evolved, and nowadays, they are looking for something more than just words and pictures on a page.

They almost demand an interactive experience on visiting a new site – thus, we have seen increasing use of video, infographics, and now, 3D Animation, which has become much more sophisticated and more mobile-friendly than ever before.

Computer 3D Animation is the process of creating moving pictures in a three-dimensional digital environment. Through careful manipulation of 3D models within the software, picture sequences are exported to give the illusion of movement based on how the objects are manipulated. “Motion” is perceived as a result of the extremely quick movement of individual images.

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Animation and motion design are natural allies to graphic design, but add a complexity never before seen in the industry. There is available now excellent software for creating 3D Animation, but it is an art that needs special talents. It is also time-consuming – typically, an animation of around 60-90 seconds takes around six weeks – as it involves many more steps than static and video design.

3D Animation Stages

1. Concept and Storyboards
2. 3D Modeling
3. Texturing
4. Rigging
5. Animation
6. Lighting
7. Camera Setting
8. Rendering
9. Compositing and Special VFX
10. Music and Foley
11. Editing and Final Output

The intricacies, skills, and time involved in producing high-quality 3D Animation don’t come cheap, of course, but without a doubt, it adds a whole new dimension (no pun intended!) to website design. We certainly believe that it is giving real stand-out to our website, separating us clearly from our competitors, while also demonstrating our abilities at cutting-edge design.

If you are looking to take your web design to a whole new level and consequently improving your image and branding,  we highly recommend 3D Animation. Feel free to drop us a line, call us, or pop into our downtown Bangkok offices – we will be happy to chat with you.


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