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Bangkok Tea

Sector: Beverages
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Established in 2015, Bangkok Tea sources, blends, and packages an exceptional selection of premier tea products. The company is committed to developing great-tasting, healthy, organic teas by sourcing the finest natural ingredients both locally and internationally. Its innovative product range includes speciality tea fusions, kombucha varieties, tea-based spreads and more. We have worked with the company since its early days, creating the logo, packaging, brochure and website designs.

NB: the pictures were taken by PAAP Production & Studio. You can find the link to their website at the end of this page.

Logo Design
Packaging Design
Brochure Design

Exclusive flavors from around the world

Packaging Consultancy

We have developed great knowledge in packaging, particularly within the Food & Beverage market, and we have worked closely with the client to develop a range off packaging to suit its range of innovative products.

Premium Branding for a Premium Brand

We needed to create a positioning and logo design that perfectly reflected the high quality of premium tea varieties and infusions. A stunning logo uses a solid, confident font in capitals for the brand name together with a beautifully stylized leaf motif, and we also devised the highly appropriate tagline “Exclusive Flavors from Around the World”.


“As an organization owner that needs the visual tools to compliment the marketing effort, there’s no other way to explain the professionalism of Asia Media Studio. Their designers are very professional and always presented customers similar to myself with ideas that even myself as an owner, knowing the concept, couldn’t think of with more time given. To my own experience, I’m sure that any other future customer(s) will find AMS’s diversity in their workforce an essential piece of what makes their works accepted worldwide. Personal applaud to AMS’s service mind whenever answering the phone to follow up the work and especially to Laurent, who always has been more than excellent at giving advice.”

Founder & Chairman
Bangkok Tea Co.

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