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Sector: Construction

Stonehenge is a prominent group of over 1300 engineers, architects, and construction consultants in Thailand, specializing in diverse building and infrastructure design services. With a rich portfolio of 1,000+ projects across Southeast Asia, their expertise spans from high-rise offices and luxurious residences to exhibition halls, hotels, malls, cultural centers, and even World Cultural Heritage archaeological sites.


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Projects completed

AMS ICON 6 TestingandLaunching
Website Development
AMS ICON 2 Creation
Website design

Working together to shape the future of cities

Tailoring brand identity for a 30 year legacy

Revamping the brand identity of a company with over 30 years of experience, especially one with multiple decision-makers, is a formidable challenge. Following a thorough grasp of the requirements, our team has meticulously crafted diverse design options. Our objective is to not only meet the client’s expectations but to also secure approval for the refined and updated branding.

Crafting Stonehenge’s website with precision

The integral aspect of the project involved delivering a website aligned with Stonehenge’s new content. Commencing with comprehensive wireframes for each page, we systematically progressed to meticulously designing every aspect. Our project managers worked closely with the client, facilitating seamless collaboration for revisions, ensuring client satisfaction throughout the process.